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Posted by / 24-Dec-2017 04:55

You really only need to apply the latest service pack 3 (SP3) which is independently and freely downloadable.

Don't rely on the updates process to immediately give it to you either!

Eventually you have to install/re-install a version of Windows and what follows is a very long OS updating process.It seems that there is something broken in XP's update management interface (perhaps related to the use of Active X, perhaps related to the use of the cumbersome 5 part IE/Active X/WGA/Windows Installer/Windows Update system -- compare to Vista & later's Windows Update/Windows Installer system, perhaps the problem stems from both).Sadly, I doubt there is enough interest in this problem (or solving it) to get serious reverse engineering talent on it.TL; DR When you initiate Windows Updates within Windows XP, you are directed to the Windows Updates website.(Assuming you already have the Active X, Installer plug-in installed in your browser,) the website displays a green, scrolling status bar and appears to just hang for a few minutes.

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