Updating fields in excel datebook dating site

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Updating fields in excel

My layout is pretty simple with 4 fields being contact (first,last), customer id, balance due.

I need to update a balance due field, so need to figure out how to just update that filed not enter duplicate names every week.For example, we could use them to store a list of customer names, student marks or a list of values from a range of cells. Using both types, we can name an item when we add it.Imagine we are storing the count of different fruit types. You can check if a Key exists and you can change the Item and the Key.This file is named “Infographic Tweet_Compiled.xlsx” and as of this writing, currently has 84,000 records.A little clean up and data shaping is necessary…see 2 below.

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In an attempt to find a way to make the target cell for the intersect method a name table array, I stumbled across a simple way to run something when ANY cell or set of cells on a particular sheet changes.