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Create over a million unique Sims and control their lives....

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In other words, teenage girls cannot legally see Diary of a Teenage Girl in theaters — and Powley, for one, is incensed.“It makes me mad! And then this happened and apparently the board that decided [the rating] was all men....

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How to Have These Conversations Let your child know that what’s happening is not their fault and that they didn’t cause it....

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Don't care about all those haters and bad people who had been talking nastily about you because you must know that you are loved by so many people :) Stay pretty just the way you are and I will always love and support you! I love how the way she smiles, how she managed her career, how super great her acting is and most of all how good her chemistry with every co actor she acted with! Keep up with your good work and I always pray that you'll be the most successful actor in your country and international! I know some people compare Kim So Hyun with other teeneger actress, but I dont care. After that I promise myself to watch ALL OF your movies and dramas....

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There are groups on Facebook for dating and things like that. I don't have that problem, because if you're not interested, whatever, that's your problem. When a guy sends a big girl at the bar a drink, she might think, "Oh, is he making fun of me?...

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