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Sit back and watch birds come to explore, feed and raise families.Matt Sewell This stunning volume features street artist Matt Sewell's unique take on 52 favourite garden birds.Dominic Couzens Covering sites across Europe, Asia, Africa, Australasia, North and South America and Antarctica, discover the best places to see extraordinary birds.This beautiful hardback features first-hand accounts, fascinating facts and jaw-dropping photography.But long tailed tits saw a rise - spotted 30 per cent more in the garden - jackdaws sightings were up 19 per cent and great spotted woodpeckers were up by 15 per cent on the long term average.Woodpigeons were also seen in 26 per cent more gardens last year.Create a welcoming garden environment for all sorts of birds, with information on the right sorts of bird food, feeders and where to put them.

Wren numbers have been hit as a result of of bad winters over the last two years and sightings fell by a fifth in 2009.

Greenfinches have been suffering declines since 2006 as a result of disease - particular Trichomonosis which can be picked up from garden bird tables, and the species was recorded in 16 per cent fewer gardens last year.

Dr Tim Harrison, development officer for BTO Garden Bird Watch, said there were concerns over the status of some of Britain's most popular birds.

David Chandler This comprehensive guide is perfect for beginners of all ages and will introduce them to the extraordinary world of birdwatching.

It's split into six sections, covering: principles of identification; birdwatching equipment and field skills; how birds are built, how they work and where they come from; their behaviour; their habitats; and how to help birds in your garden and beyond, as well as current threats to birds.

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Ryland Peters & Small This invaluable resource will allow you to plan your next birdwatching excursion and record the wonderful birds you've spotted.